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HC G Detox with Manual (dry July special offer)

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HCG 12% alcohol

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Homeopathic HCG 12x in a 50ml spray bottle.

While following a restricted eating plan for three weeks in conjunction with taking the HCG spray your body will loose weight.  We encourage people to see their Dr first and get tests done to measure the benefits of the HCG protocol.  Many clients respond that their BP, sugar levels and cholestrol levels are measurable as changed for the positive after completing the HCG protocol and maintenance phase.

Types of people who purchase HCG: people wanting to control and deal with bad habits such as over eating and alcohol abuse.  People needing physicals for work who may  need to reduce weight.  People over the age of 18 yrs that are wanting to be more healthy and loose bad fats which may be dangerous to their health.

Note: the FDA of America discourages HCG use in the homeopathic form.  It is not due to the HCG remedy causing harm, but they believe that the low calorie diet may be harmful.  Interesting as they do not discourage people taking the human hormone administered by a Dr and the eating plan is the same????  Anyway with that information it is up to you to make an informed choice and we encourage getting all your tests done by your Dr or practice nurse to make sure you are well before starting the programme.  Manutuke Herbs has had thousands of people do the programme successfully and without any serious side effects.  In fact the owner and founder of Manutuke Herbs often does the protocol for the health benefits received while on the programme and after.

For the Manual: we will send this via pdf.  Please make sure we have your email address.



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